A posterzine investigating the imperial measurement system through image and  typography.

The zine educates the audience on the history of the system, and placing examples into real life context demonstrating the bizarre nature of the system. The  pages can be removed from the binding and unfold into five individual posters.

148 x 210 mm

A Sense of Place

A photobook made in collaboration with Felix Watts. The sense of place we develop is our personal recognition of space, everyone views a space in their own way, this is their ‘sense of place’.
The publication uses the theme of conflict between structural change and emotional change, or the lack thereof to develop a narrative for the reader to follow, guiding them through images and text to convey a picture of Sheffield that is personal and individual.

The book focuses on materiality to communicate an intimate experience for the audience to follow, paper stock, composition and production have been considered throughout the development of the book to ensure the audience feels as though they can engage with the content. This is translated through to the presentation of the book as a collection of loose pages, in this format the reader can investigate the content, and encourages a more playful interaction with the reader.

148 x 210 mm

Eleven Coffee

Branding for an independent coffee shop in Sheffield, a cosy cafe with a clean finish fondly names after the building number. 

The brand is sharp and simple, while remaining cosy and approachable. High contrast encourages the brand to stand out when seen stamped onto a to-go cup.

Logo & Shop Signage

Digital Space

This publication is an interpretation of digital space in print, designed in collaboration with Peggy Kind. Exploring themes of polarity, rabbit hole, monitoring and surveillance through dynamic page designs. Each page is designed using a combination of digitally inspired techniques such as algorithmic placement, and contains imagery and text that has been collected from online spaces. 

By presenting this content in a physical publication the book becomes an object that comments on how closely the digital and physical worlds are connected, and how we don’t realise it until it’s presented to us.

Paperback (100gsm)
176 x 250 mm


The Country Victualler 2022
Christmas Brochure

The Country Victualler is an artisan butchers and bakers. The Christmas brochure is design to highight the photography work by Hove and Co. Illustrative details, inspired by festive vintage table settings, acompany the images to create a  cosy Christmas feel. 

148 x 210 mm